What is TronSV

Tron SV is a TRC10 based Asset and a Tron Based Ecosystem itself .

Tron SV (TSV) Will be Used in our own EcoSystem ,Pepship and in Many other E-commerce Marketplaces .

TSV will have a staking feature too where it's users will get 1% Increase on Their Total Portfolio . This will allow users to get passive income and will stabilize the price of TSV .

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Our Aim

Our TronSV Mission

Our Aim is to Create a Payment Ecosystem with the Lowest Fees And Fast Transfers . Which is only possible on Tron blockchain . So TronSV will be the future of payment system .

TronSV Uses the Features of Tron and Utilities with Features of Tezos + Bitcoin and other POS and POW Coins Making itself a All in One Blockchain.Which Helps Stabilise the Price and Reward the Holders .

While Users can use our Platform to Mine too like as they can do on a POW cloud Mining . You can call TSV a Hybrid Blockchain Token .


Staking Platform

TRON SV (TSV) is a Stakable Utility Token Though it has a Staking feature to get interest on theTSV token user holds.Staking provides 1% daily interest

Main Features

Product Description

TronSV aims to be a all in one Blockchain by Providing fast feeless Payment System and with Providing Staking and Mining features .

Free But Fast

TSV Tranfers Need Bandwith which is Free and 25,000 TPS Provides Free and Super Fast Transfers .

Feeless Trade

Decentralised exchange support on Tron blockchain . Enables super fast feeless Trading.


TronSV Has a Staking platform that enables Users to Get passive income on Their Tokens

Yield Farming

Users can farm TSV tokens by locking SVX tokens on tron blockchain


TronSV is Fully Decentralised and doesn't Base on one User.


Token Name: Tron SV
Token Ticker: TSV
Token Standard: TRC10 /Tron platform
Decimal 6
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 100,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Stage 1 15-30 Aug 2020 : 1 TSV ~ $0.0001
Pre-Sale Stage 2 1-7 Sep 2020 : 1 TSV ~ $0.0002
Pre-Sale Stage 3 8-15 Sep 2020 : 1 TSV ~ $0.0003
Main ICO 15–30 Sep 2020 : 1 TSV ~ $0.0004
Emission Rate : No period

Tronsv Allocation

Stacking and Mining 30%
Airdrop 5%
ICO and IEO 20%
Team Fund 10%
Lock 10%
Seed Investors 10%
Development 15%

Company Roadmap


Project TronSV Start


Team Created , Funds collected


Token Minted , partnerships Made


Airdrop start , PRE-SALE start


Staking and Mining platform Launch. bololex.com , newdex.io , Coingecko.com , Coinmarketcap.com listing .


Stex.com , crex42.com , gate.io , sistemkoin.com , dcoin.com listing.


CMC top 10 exchange listing .

Nov-Dec 2020

Further devlopment


Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tron SV??
• Tron SV is a TRC10 based asset and a Tron based ecosystem itself .
What will the price of Tron SV (TSV) ?
TSV ICO price will be 0.005TRXand it may Reach 0.0001$ - 0.01$ in IEO and next phases .
What is the work of TSV ?
Tron SV (TSV) will be used in our own ecosystem ,pepship and in many other E-commerce marketplaces . TSV will have astaking feature too where it's users will get 1% Increase on theirtotal portfolio . This will allow users to get passive income and will stabilize the price of TSV
What is the supply of TSV token ?
TronSV has a Maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens .So there will be only 100 billion TSV in total Existence.
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